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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

  • February 19, 2019


Imagine that you are Waiter working in hotel, suddenly a group of Indians attack you, and you don't know what is matter, this is what happened in one of largest hotel in Bahrain, a group of  Indian's  Customers attacked who work there,

 watching this video down.

if you work in hotel or Resturant you must think about the religions and cultures  of your Customers, in order to not fall in this kind of fault bacause you can meet this kind of people, india even if most of people who live there is poor, they can not eating beef.

the cow is like god in Hinduism, don't forget your shop, hotel or Resturant can be smashed because of your religions illiteracy.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

  • November 18, 2018

  -   Maybe horses and donkeys is oldest ways of shipping before Noah - peace be upon him -   built the ship to save humanity, but in the last centuries, several countries had big attention to new ways of shipping, the trucks, cars and planes become best ways to ship the products and forget the Airplanes, but before that England had started to use train in 1789 AD, because is faster and easy, one of east countries had wanted to buy the steam train technology, and when it begun to built The Railroad, it found that it cost more 100 dollar for one Metre. 

the Eastern minster didn't accept this number because it was very Expensive.
- Foreign minister: Do you think you will buy apricots?
- Eastern minster : just sell it just sell it , You will win a lot of money 
- Foreign minister: This is an illogical offer.Eastern minster: If this offer is signed you will become the prime minster.
- Foreign minister: it can't be under 100$ for 1 Metre.
- Eastern minster: are you from Berkane? or one of your father and grand fathers was from Berkane?

-Foreign minister: why?
-Eastern minster: you have business brain.. so listen to this story: 

(- One day he was a Turkish king make competition with speakers, many speakers came to his castle from all kingdom, the question was: who can tell me a lie i can be believe in it, he will be the winner.
- First one: A bird came and took the lion and he fly.
- the king think in long way and he say: where is lies in this situation if the bird it was an eagle and lion was Cube it can be taken easily to his nest.
- Second one: in one of countries a donkey become a king.
- King replay with angry face: where is the lies in this story? if bowed down by windows and under this windows it was a donkey and the crown fell on the head of donkey, then donkey can become king.
- Then one of speakers  had came and he say: my king.. my king... my king..  an archer shoot an arrow, it took one year before it fell to the ground.
- The king start to think and he replay: honestly i think you are stupid because it is easy, if an archer shoot an arrow and this arrow spent one year on the tree then it fell because of wind then it will happen what you say.
- Then the fourth one  came: my king .. my king .. my king, You are debtor to my father a cube of gold. if my father he is telling the truth, I will ask for his gold, but if he telling lies then you Believe that is lie and i will ask for gold award) 
do you understand my friend?
foreign minister: i can't get it well, but i will get it if you repeat.
- until now this poor Minister didn't get it even if he repeat it... because he is not from Berkane.
The end 

Friday, 9 November 2018

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